How We Serve Printing

At Omni W.C. Inc., we are an industry leading provider of embossed and printed wovens, non-wovens, foils, papers, and films. Equipped to handle rolls measuring up to 64 inches in width and 20 inches in diameter of materials, our facility houses a full range of equipment to meet any unique client printing needs. Depending on run size and requirements, we offer numerous printing options. Rotogravure printing provides excellent image reproduction and the printing cylinders last through large volume runs with absolutely no degradation of print quality. High-productivity rotary screen printers offer tremendous design flexibility and allow for quick changeover of patterns. Whereas a rotary printing operation allows for a wider variety of printable surfaces and the application of heavier applications of ink for specific requests, rotogravure printing allows omni to achieve a very textured and finer detailed finish.

Combined with our other services, like embossing, laminating and more, we are able to achieve interesting and dynamic raised or recessed designs. From short runs to major production, we have the capacity to handle your project within narrow production timelines. Our customer service team is friendly, attentive, and responsive. If you are interested in learning more about our printing capabilities, contact us at any time for a quote.

We have existing designs or we can design custom.

Other Services

Coating   Coating

Omni has been a leader in water-based coating for the past 35 years. When other companies were solvent coating, Omni pioneered and perfected a revolutionary water-based coating process.

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Embossing   Embossing

Omni has five independent embossing machines, including two capable of laminating and embossing inline, and over 200 embossing rollers enabling our creative technicians to achieve any luxurious look.

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Laminating   Laminating

There is nearly nothing that Omni will not laminate. Omni has over 35 years of laminating experience achieving successes where other firms have been unable succeed.

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Printing   Printing

Omni prints any design on paper, woven, and non-woven substrates and films, and is available in any size to suit your needs. We have a variety of printing methods, and multiple printers to suit runs large and small.

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Slitting & Sheeting   Slitting & Sheeting

Slits of material are available at custom widths, packaged at specified intervals. We can, shear, shape, and treat your product in any interesting manner your project requires. This is an amazingly useful service for any product.

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Transfers   Transfers

Our transfer process give substrates a "metallic" look and texture, giving your finished product an amazing and unique look. Ask our designers how our transferring processes can improve your product.

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