How We Serve Designers & Decorators

Omni W.C. has been a leader in the manufacturing and production of custom wall coverings for over 35 years. Our designs are elegant and modern. We specialize in Laminations, Coatings, Embossing and Printing on woven and non-woven substrates. Offering a wide range of coatings, we can supply you with the exact technical performance and functional properties to meet your specific application requirements.

We understand the need for modern interior decorators, designers and architects to produce distinctive, original and unique work. Our staff is able to take your ideas, combine it with our creative and manufacturing experience, and produce truly unique wall coverings.

When creating truly unique work, having access to a wide variety of techniques and instruments is critical. Over the course of being in business, Omni has built a truly diverse library of manufacturing tools. We have over 200 embossing rolls, some of which are over 75 years old. We have two machines that can laminate and emboss inline and three machines that can emboss.

We take the time to plan and build a project, experiment with various orders of operations, colors and techniques, and finally deliver to you, a custom-tailored product that will truly make even the most discerning end customer proud of the look that you have helped them achieve.

Designers & Decorators Metalworks cork laminate surfaces can reflect light in surprising ways, leading to a refractory effect shown here.

Designers & Decorators Our wall coverings are custom made, which means that they can be as flat or as textured as you like. Here we have a flat wall coating with a natural texture.

Designers & Decorators Dotted texture on a textured wall covering, available on request.

Designers & Decorators This cork wall has a dynamic texture that sparks interest and wonder.

Designers & Decorators Wall coverings conform to any corner or curve of your walls.

Designers & Decorators Be sure to match the ceiling. Any coating can be used for ceilings, and look great when compared with our walls.

Designers & Decorators Cork texture can either be left textured or be made flat. The natural hue is earthen, more suited to offices or studies.

Other Products


Home Décor Manufacturers

For lampshades, upholstery, or other home décor, we provide the manufacturing support you need to get started on your idea. Many of our services are customized to satisfy unique parameters. Many of the large volume items are always in stock, including fabric laminated to styrene, decorative paper laminated to styrene and pressure sensitive substrates. For a local home décor manufacturer there is no more valued partner than a close and dedicated surfacer.

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Apparel Accessories Manufacturers

Omni has been supplying exciting, quality wall coverings for over 30 years, and we have now bring this successful brand to apparel materials manufacturing. We have specialized in manufacturing products from canvas, polyester, rubber, and a wide range of other materials in rolls up to 64" in width. Materials are purposely built for shoes, outerwear, insulating wear, and durable wearable accessories. We have designed our products to look great over the long span of the product.

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