How We Serve Apparel Accessories Manufacturers

Omni has been supplying exciting, quality wall coverings for over 30 years, but now we have brought this successful brand to the apparel industry. Our products end up in an amazing array of finished consumer wearables and other products. From fishing lures to sneakers and even costumes, there’s nothing you can’t make when working with Omni. We stock over 20 different metallic and high-gloss film colors and finishes, giving Omni the ability to deliver a large variety of different raw production materials that you may require.

We have specialized in manufacturing products from canvas, polyester, rubber, and a wide range of other materials in rolls up to 64 inches in width. Materials are purposely built for shoes, outerwear, insulating wear, and durable wearable accessories. We have designed our products to look great over the long span of the product. Inside our well-equipped laboratory, we have trained quality specialists who evaluate everything from raw materials to specific performance attributes such as flammability, scrubbability, and exposure to heat and other environmental conditions. We can handle anything from a short run project to ongoing, large volume production. Along with industry leading turnaround times, we offer very favorable pricing. Contact us at any time for a quote!

Gone are the days when multiple phone calls and emails were needed to receive the materials you require. The modern manufacturing process moves quickly, and for that reason, we maintain all of the components needed to deliver to you our finished products which become your raw materials in a timely manner. To meet your demanding production schedules, all of our materials are in stock, and we are able to deliver to you a quality product in under two weeks.

We are strategically located in the New York-metro area, but we are a national and international supplier to companies of various decorating industries. We coordinate all facets of the shipping process to ensure that your experience with us is as seamless as any manufacturer can provide.

Apparel Accessories Omni has supplied exciting quality wall coverings materials for over 35 years and now has introduced a new venue to create materials suitable for athletic and casual apparel, such as shoes and jackets.

Apparel Accessories We make durable and breathable fabrics that have been used in high end athletic footwear and other accessories such as belts, hats, handbags, and bracelets.

Apparel Accessories It’s good to be creative with handbags. The market is flooded with leather and solid color products, so you have to grab the public’s attention through your product. Why not use studded substrate, or a circular wire texture? It’s time to be unique, and mass produce at the same time!

Apparel Accessories Wearable accessories need durable and attractive outer coatings, and we are the premiere coating manufacturer you need to finish you product. We cater to Special Events, Decorative materials, Fishing Lures Accessories, Pressure Sensitive Tape, Architectural, Ice Buckets, Shoes, Handbags and Novelty Items Industries. The possibilities are endless!

Apparel Accessories Seasonal novelty items such as costumes need to be available at peak market. Take advantage of local manufacturers like OMNI to quicken your supply chain and get your product to the people who need them. Our materials are perfect for novel and affordable festive outfits.

Apparel Accessories We make material suitable for many types of accessories and party favors, shuch as ribbons or balloons. We cut material to specifications made to order.

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Designers & Decorators

Omni W.C. has been a leader in the manufacturing and production of custom wall coverings for over 35 years. Our designs are elegant and modern. We specialize in Laminations, Coatings, Embossing and Printing on woven and non-woven substrates. Offering a wide range of coatings, we can supply you with the exact technical performance and functional properties to meet your specific application requirements.

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Home Décor Manufacturers

For lampshades, upholstery, or other home décor, we provide the manufacturing support you need to get started on your idea. Many of our services are customized to satisfy unique parameters. Many of the large volume items are always in stock, including fabric laminated to styrene, decorative paper laminated to styrene and pressure sensitive substrates. For a local home décor manufacturer there is no more valued partner than a close and dedicated surfacer.

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